July Edition | Powerful Pinot's

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Champagne is a geographical region which is quite specific in terroir. However, if you look close enough there are so many sub terrains and terroirs of champagne and this is where the region becomes interesting to a close observer, a connoisseur.

This month we look at one of the two noble grapes grown in the region, Pinot Noir. The King of Champagne. We look at two exceptional producers and two knockout champagnes.

We look at Pinot Noir in a single expressions from young, dynamic producer Antoine Bouvet who is growing grapes in the remarkable chalky soils of Mareuil-Sur-Ay which is a village also home to prestigious producers such as Billecart Salmon and Philipponnat.

The chalky slopes and aspect to the sun in this prized premier cru village produce ripe, full bodied pinot noir grapes that have serious staying power on the palate and in the cellar. We line this village up against Pinot Noir from Bouzy which is a again famed for Pinot Noir – why would you grow anything else here. Bouzy Pinot Noir is the bomb. Bouzy is also home to some serious producers and we cannot go past the wonderful and faultless Andre Clouet.

There is a lot of history and pedigree here but right now we are seeing modern twists in the house and this is exciting. The decadent labels that adorn the equally fabulous wines from this producer have history. The Rose Number 5 that you have this month in your Connoisseur packs is inspired by Chanel and the numbering of her perfume. This maison is all about the art of Pinot Noir and in this cuvêe you have both powerful Bouzy Pinot noir made into a white wine from extracting the flesh from the skins and Bouzy Rouge red wine made from macerating the juice with the skin which contains both colour and tannin.

You are enjoying the power of pinot noir from two of the finest sub-terroirs of the mighty
We hope you are keeping safe, look after yourselves and each other.

Please enjoy this month's episode. Thank you!


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