Crystal Glassware

Appreciating the Tulip - Did you know that bubbles nucleate on imperfections in a glass? Most people have been drinking their champagne from the wrong glass for so long that they don’t realise how good champagne can be.

The correct champagne glass is so important for the enjoyment and appreciation of champagne. So much effort goes into the production of this extraordinary wine and it is heartbreaking to serve it in the wrong glass - like a traditional skinny champagne flute.

Emperor has our own range of stunning, Italian-made, crystal tulip champagne glasses for the perfect service of champagne. These glasses stand at an impressive 23 cm high and they have been hand crafted in Italy. You will never want to drink bubbles out of another glass! If you love champagne, you must have these glasses. 


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Emperor Champagne

Emperor Crystal Tulips Champagne Glasses Set of 6


Club Price $189.05 (?)


Emperor Champagne

Emperor Champagne Crystal Tulips Twin Pack


Club Price $94.05 (?)